Your god 


My god is better and yours is not

Your god is fatter but I forgot

Their god is stupid I got the proof:

There bird shitting on their roof


 I got the best god much better then yours

In heaven he checked me 40 whores



But their god is stupid and even worse

He is an asshole and stinks like a horse

The divine true and prophets are all mine

They convert muddy water in lovely wine


I got the best god much better then yours

He s smoking pot in heaven with the doors



They got more gods than only one

That’s a shame, to be solved with a gun

Was told, its written in our holy book

No sin shoot people with suspect look


I got the best god much better then yours

His car is faster and his house got more floors



Our god is best, what's with the rest?

They are all wrong, that's it, well done.

The answers are all given by religion

Keep 'em stupid and dependent like a pigeon.


If you don t follow my religion too

The the priest get fired and fault is you!

So you don t do what my god commands?

You offent me and all my antes!




How childish it is to fight for others will

No god or power wants you to kill

Finally the god is all the same

Live in peace, dont play the game!